(Adelyn at the SciQuarium: 1.10.16)

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     It was inevitable, really. I'd always known that the day would come when I'd have to start a real blog with real text to stand next to the images I was posting. Blogging is a chore, though... I mean, isn't it? Maybe it doesn't have to be. I realized this about two weeks ago as I was listening to a good friend explain that blogging really helps people connect with you as a person, blogging puts context behind the images that you make, and blogging helps people find you when searching on the web.

   Okay, I knew all that, but I hadn't yet convinced myself that it was a good idea. What if I run out of words, or what if I have too many words and you're all bored by now? Truth is, I'm kind of excited about the possibility of writing articles to accompany the images I share here. I'm sure there will be lulls and times when I'm just too busy to post, but so what. Let's get on with this thing and celebrate another year of creating photography for real people who are wonderful and beautiful and worth celebrating. Here's to a new year and a new blog!


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