Remember that weekend in January between the first and second snows of the year? I do... like it was yesterday. The timing could not have been more perfect for Hannah and Matt to celebrate their engagement with photos by the lake. As a special treat, I took one of my medium-format cameras, a Pentax 645, out with us to capture a few moments in a different perspective. Because I am only setup to develop and print black & white film in my basement, I sent the film off to TheFindLab for development and scanning andI was thrilled to receive them a few days ago.

(Above) This shot is one of my favorites (I mean, I love them all). I remember standing on the shore at the end of the day framing the shot and calculating the exposure in my head, considering whether I had exposed enough to keep the shadows without washing out the rest of the image. In hindsight, there was no reason to worry. The photo looks exactly like I remember seeing it in my head.

(Below) Matt and Hannah on the dock, soaking up the sun.

(Below) The sun-flare makes everything look so warm, but Hannah can tell you that the gentle wind coming off the lake turned to a frigid gust as the sun dipped below the horizon. Thankfully, Hannah had Matt to shelter her from the cold.

Without hesitation, I would say that film is my favorite. The mental preparation, the shooting process, the delayed gratification, and the beautiful results make the whole experience just unbeatable. I'm also so excited to photograph Matt & Hannah's wedding in June when the weather really is nice. Until then, we'll have these memories to keep us warm!

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