I should begin by telling you that this image was taken way back in October of 2015. I didn't misplace it. I was saving it. I was saving it because it's pretty special to me and it involves some family that I really cherish. The beautiful people in this photograph are John and Natalie, and they're high-school sweethearts.

I saved this image from a session I did for John as part of his high-school senior session. Why did I save it? You see, I had not finished editing these images until the first week of November and John's sister, Heather, was getting married on the first Saturday of December. I really didn't want to take anything away from Heather, who really deserved all the attention, so I just waited.

Maybe you also know that my wife, Jennifer, and I were also high-school sweethearts. So, when I look at these two, part of me really appreciates where they are in life and where they might end up. I'm wishing them the best!


John and Natalie, October 18, 2015

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